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New Summer Color Palette

Celebrate Summer with this Palette

Looking to create an unforgettable event with a perfect blend of bold and soft colors? Look no further! Our new Fuchsia + Blush + Peach Color Palette is here to transform your celebrations.

Fuchsia: Add a bold pop of vibrant energy to your decor.

Blush: Bring in the soft, romantic touch.

Peach: Infuse a happy, warm vibe that ties everything together.

This captivating color blend will ensure your event is memorable and enchanting. Explore our collection and bring your vision to life today!

Thi8s color palette is bright and bubbly. Perfect for indoor or outdoor events. It captivates the essence of summer and transforms each space into a true summer soiree.

Call Blush to discuss decor options for your next event. We are now servicing Dallas (469-315-2409) and Cincinnati (513-836-9499). Book Online

As you are planning your summer events keep this color palette in mind.

Courtesy of CV Linens

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