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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Perfect Event Venue

When you are seeking a venue for your event be sure to think about the event as a whole. How do you want the flow of your event to be. Some venues do not have the capacity for the flow of your event as well as your guest count. Here at Blush we have an open space that allowed not only a DJ, banquet style seating and treat area but also allowed for a 4 piece band to perform. Be sure to ask your venue if their layout s flexible or if you have to stick to a certain layout.We allow you to move tables and chairs around and switch the layout up to meet your event needs.

We automatically seat for 50 guests. 10 round tables with 5 chairs to a table and 3 rectangle tales for food, cake and treats. However we have more tables and chairs if you need more seating or if you need less seating.

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